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ACRES 1992


The original Acres opened in 1992 in the charming Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Owners Cort Schwanebeck and Jim Wickesberg combined their backgrounds in merchandising, product development, and floral design to create a casual yet elegant retail experience providing home and garden decor, tools and accessories for a well tended life. At the heart of their style is a love of nature, creativity, balance and humor that merge in an organic yet orderly vision.

Now located in the beautiful Napa Valley, Acres continues to offer a collection of functional, beautifully designed home, garden, and floral products inspired by the belief that a simple, thoughtfully chosen environment creates an essential refuge from the increasing demands of modern living.




Cort's creativity and merchandising vision are the backbone of Acres. After many years in floral, retail, wholesale and product design, Cort continues to re-imagine the retail experience. In the modern marketplace where much of what we buy or consume is anonymous and generic, Cort's philosophy is that connection, presentation, and authenticity matter. His personal aesthetic, style, and character are evident in everything he chooses for Acres.



Trained in advertising design, Jim found a career in product development and creative direction for a prominent gift and accessories importer. His experience in design, production, sales, and human nature are reflected in the thoughtful focus on product and people at Acres. Together, Jim and Cort represent a balance of hard work, good design, gratitude, humor, and humanity in life and in business.