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Tuberose Petals Candle / 300g


Opulent and Exquisite. The heady petals are carefully gathered from flowers that bloom just once a year. This dusky aroma with fresh tones of green leaves, bergamot and the sensual heart of tuberose sits on spicy carnation, sandalwood and creamy coconut.

This luxury candle is hand poured in England by skilled artisans. Mouth blown glass combined with the perfect blend of fragrance, natural soy wax and cotton wick creates a scented expression that will infuse interiors with luxurious scent.

- 3.25"d x 4"h

- Notes / green leaves, bergamot, tuberose, honeysuckle, carnation & sandalwood

- 300g / 10.6oz

- Made in England

- 60 hour burn time

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